Day tour Egrigoros Ariousios winery Agiasmata beach & thermal baths


Welcome to the Chios Island Day Tour, brought to you by our travel agency! Prepare for an unforgettable adventure filled with wine tasting, hiking, swimming, thermal baths, and a delightful picnic. Let's dive into the details of this exciting itinerary.

First Stop: Ariousios Winery Our day tour begins with a visit to Ariousios Winery, a renowned winery on Chios Island. Here, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in a wine tasting experience like no other. Expert sommeliers will guide you through the flavors and aromas of Chios' finest wines, sharing their knowledge about the island's unique viticulture. Discover the secrets behind the production process and savor the delightful tastes of the local wines.

Next Stop: Egrigoros to Agiasmata Trail After satisfying your taste buds, it's time to embark on an invigorating hike from Egrigoros to Agiasmata. This scenic trail will take you through the island's picturesque landscapes, showcasing its natural beauty. As you hike, you'll immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere, surrounded by lush vegetation, fragrant herbs, and panoramic views of Chios' countryside. Along the way, knowledgeable guides will provide fascinating insights into the island's flora, fauna, and history.

Third Stop: Agiasmata Beach Following the exhilarating hike, we'll head to Agiasmata Beach, a pristine stretch of coastline with crystal-clear waters. Take a refreshing dip in the Aegean Sea, cool off under the Mediterranean sun, and enjoy the serene surroundings. Whether you prefer lounging on the sandy shore or exploring the underwater world through snorkeling, Agiasmata Beach offers the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.

Fourth Stop: Thermai Agiasmata Thermal Baths To complete our day of rejuvenation, we'll visit the Thermai Agiasmata, known for its healing thermal baths. Immerse yourself in the warm, mineral-rich waters, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. Enjoy the soothing effects on your body and mind as you take in the tranquil surroundings. This is the perfect place to unwind, rejuvenate, and find a moment of peace amidst nature.

Final Stop: Picnic at Leptopoda Village As the day draws to a close, we'll make our way to Leptopoda Village, a charming locale nestled amidst Chios' scenic landscapes. Here, we'll set up a delightful picnic for you, surrounded by the beauty of the countryside. Enjoy a variety of local delicacies, accompanied by breathtaking views and the company of fellow travelers.

With a heart full of wonderful memories, we'll conclude our day tour at Chios Island. This experience will undoubtedly leave you enchanted by the island's natural wonders, culinary delights, and warm hospitality. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that celebrates the beauty of Chios in all its glory!